Tribal traits and traditions tour to The Omo Valley in Ethiopia

One of the most amazing places on Earth to go on a photo tour which enables you to photograph and interact with tribal groups who have lived in relative isolation for thousands of years. We take you to a number of the tribes living in the lower and upper Omo valley so that the experience is diverse. This tour will appeal to anyone wanting to shoot portraits, street/village images and the occasional landscape. 

Portrait of a Bull jumper (1) A dying tradition Suri tribe waiting

The Omo valley of Ethiopia is home to approximately forty tribes, living in climatic, social and political margins. We aspire to capture these people as they are, in a state of transition as outside influences increasingly make an impact on their indigenous culture.  Photography here is a delicate balance and we try to capture candid moments as well as community spirit and portraits. Interpersonal skills can make the moment count. And in that moment we want to capture light, colour, emotion, insight, character and spirit. We try to shoot in the golden hours or at least where there is shade from the intense African sun. In the right light, at the right time the ordinary becomes extraordinary and that is something to strive for in the context of encapsulating tribal traits.