Travel Photographer of the Year Winner – People & Cultures: Trevor Cole, Ireland

Travel Photographer of the year Award Winner
Travel Photographer of the year Award Winner

I have been entering TPOTY since 2010 and have been a finalist each time I entered but I felt, this year for the first time, that I had been to some amazing locations, specifically the tribes of South Sudan and the Wodaabe Gerewol festival in Chad, so perhaps had something a little different to offer. This proved to be the case and I am delighted to be a category winner in a competition where there were 20,000 entries from 144 countries.

I love most genres of photography but capturing the rapidly changing cultures of remote areas in Africa has become a focal point for my photography. My lens has become my vision of indigenous people and with time I have tried to turn my photographs into emotive moments where I encapsulate a connection. These people are still inextricably connected to the earth living sustainably with a very small ecological footprint. Tourism can be degrading but it can, if sensitively done, also bring hope and cultural resilience. Spending time with these people is so rewarding and I hope my images truly convey a sense of feeling and value which helps to ensure their survival in the face of homogenisation.

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As well as winning People & Culture, Trevor was also a runner up in Art of Travel


He also received several special mentions for his travel photography in other awards


The awards have gained some press across the world including on CNN travel

Trevor leads several international expeditions yearly in which you will have the same chances to explore and capture award winning photography and learn new techniques as part of the photo expeditions

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