Alternative Visions International Photo Workshop

The Breeches arch, Crohy Photo Workshop

The First Alternative Visions International Photo Workshop Of The Year Started On June 26. It Was Organised  With Pixelchrome Photography Tours  Lead By Jeremy Woodhouse. The Participants All Stayed In Anseo Bed And Breakfast For The First Four Nights . The Phototour Included Americans, South Africans, Australians And An Austrian. One Participant Had An Interesting Journey From Limerick To Dunfanaghy. His Travel Agent Booked Him 3 Flights To London, Dublin And Carrickfin.  A Full Days Travel. A Bus takes 6 Hours.  As A Result  They Even Lost His Luggage.

crohybw-1 photo workshop


After A Good Breakfast We Drove  To Crohy Head . The  Journey Is Approximately One Hour During Which People Can  Become Well Acquainted. As Tour Leaders We Were Able To Learn About  Everyones Level Of Ability And Fitness. The Weather Conditions Were Mild  At Crohy Head With No Wind  Consequently  Everyone Had  An Easy Introduction To The Tour. The Participants Loved The  Spectacular Sea Arch And We Spent Some 2 Hours At This Location. They Also Enjoyed The View From The Cliff Tops.  We Travelled Another Mile Along Crohy Head To See  More Of The Views And Take Some More Photographs. Soon It Was Time To Go To Nancys Bar For A Seafood Lunch.

Assaranca photo workshop

Assurance Waterfall

Before Eating Some Of Our Photo Workshop Members  Photographed  The Old  Buildings In Ardara Village.  Everyone Enjoyed The Seafood In Nancy’s And Finally We Left For Assaranca Waterfall. The Cars Arrived At The Waterfall 15 Minutes Later . The Conditions Were Ideal For Long Exposure Photography. The Photo Workshop Leaders Helped Everyone Improve Their Long Exposure Skills. The Leaders Also Carried Spare Filters To Help Out When needed. . As A result We Spent 2 Hours At The Waterfall. Furthermore It Was 5pm and time to Go Back To Dunfanaghy.


Due To Very Little Traffic We Have Time To Photograph Some  Bog Cotton From The Roadside. Finally Back In Dunfanaghy Everyone Has A Rest For An Hour. We  Meet again At The Rusty Oven For Pizza And A Few Drinks. Everyone Is Too Tired To Go Out For Sunset So We Have Another Drink And Leave For Bed. The Photo Workshop Leaders Arrange To Meet Everyone At 8am The Next Morning.