Meet the Tribes of Ethiopia Photo Safari – 12 nights (TRIBAL TOURIST)

Ethiopia must be one of the mystical and intriguing countries in Africa! A country seeped in history, culture and ancient tradition, where even today, in rural landscapes, tribal life remains unchanged. For most visitors, one of the highlights when in Ethiopia, is a visit to Lalibela. During this Photo Safari, we actually get to attend an early morning service at Lalibela. Little is known about the construction of these churches, legend has it that King Lalibela built these 11 churches, carved out of solid rock, overnight and with the help of the angels. To truly appreciate these structures, a whole day is dedicated to Lalibela with an afternoon visit to the beautiful Yemrehane Kristos church, a built-up cave church with beautiful wooden decoration and paintings and of course, most famous of all, the freestanding Bet Giyorgis/Saint George church.

Guests return to Addis and connect by air to Arba Minch where they will be met by an English speaking guide and transferred to private 4WD vehicles.

Now, for the real adventure, the exploration of Southern Ethiopia and it’s ancient tribes. For the next seven days you will have the opportunity to engage with and photograph approximately 11 different tribes.

The Konso people live in maze-like villages and are well known for their agricultural terraces, the Konso district was recently declared the youngest World Heritage Site. At Turmi the Hamar, Koro, Bashada and Banna tribes are seen at Dimeka market and there could be a chance to witness a bull-jumping ceremony or Evangadi dancing. The Karo people in Dus are well known for body painting. The famous Mursi, live in the Omo Valley and here women are seen wearing lip-plates and men practice stick flighting. Throughout the journey, your dedicated guide and award-winning photographer Trevor Cole, will be on hand to ensure your photographic exploration of the Tribes of Ethiopia is optimized with indepth local knowledge and one-on-one tuition.

Please note – we urge you to follow the rules of tribal engagement as explained by the local guide, to ensure respectful and safe interaction with the Tribes at all times.

Group departure: 24 February 2020

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Feb 24 2020 - Mar 06 2020


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