2024 Trip – ANCIENT CULTURES AND ETHNIC GROUPS OF NORTHERN TANZANIA Mount Hanang, Mbulu, North Central Tanzania, Lake Eyasi with Tarangire National Park

With tribal peoples photography is different.

A very good local guide is necessary but here the precedent of paying villages and/or individuals is almost universal. This was something the tour companies seem to have instigated decades ago when tourism was in its infancy. We always try to give to the village instead of the 'person' because it is less discriminating, and we get our local guides to deal with payment to take pressure off "photographers'.

We are sensitive to the impacts that tourism can cause, hence, we try to make visits sustainable and avoid promoting zooification'. It is all a delicate balance and the local guides are often best in deciding which strategy to adopt.

In some cases we might need to wander around the village first without a camera just to become a familiar sight. It is interpersonal skills, which make the moment count. And in that moment we want to capture light colour, emotion, insight, character and spirit.

We try to shoot in the golden hours or at least where there is shade from the intense African sun. In the right light, at the right time the ordinary becomes extraordinary and that is something to strive for.

The cost of the tour is 4980 USD.
To reserve a place there is a deposit required 
The single supplement is 230 USD. **Single supplement is only applicable for
accommodation in Arusha, Mang’ola guesthouse and Tarangire National Park. Single supplement is
not provided for the tribal stays and guest houses.

Payment is possible by Bank Transfer.

The final balance is due three months prior to departure.

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    Jun 16 - 25 2024


    All Day

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