1. Killyhoey from Portnablagh, Donegal
  2. Red eyed tree frog, Costa Rica
  3. Reflected Baobab, Morondava, Madagascar
  4. Coloured houses, Lencois, Chapada, Diamantina, Brazil
  5. Partly frozen Gulfoss, Iceland
  6. Meenlaragh motion, Donegal-Ireland

"To capture people and landscapes and the interactions between them in the light of a world in transition is to encapsulate an inimitable moment which will never again materialise.”

Who, What, Where…

International Tours

International tours will also be on offer. Iceland, Ethiopia, Brazil, Costa Rica and Madagascar amongst others, will offer photographers a chance to acquire an ‘Alternative Vision’.

Rain or Shine

We will show you the best locations, regardless of weather, and take you to places where the attractions reflect the very best of Ireland.


We are offering affordable photo-tour exclusives. Planned from half days to 10 days or customized to cater for your aspirations and needs. Book your tour now for an inimitable experience in Ireland or beyond.

Donegal Based

Alternative Visions is based in Donegal, Ireland and it is here that we will offer photo-tours at a local scale – Ulster (Donegal and the North Coast of Antrim).

Latest News

Ireland is a photographer’s paradise

Landscape, seascape, mountains and ancient monuments, coupled with the ‘softness’ of the Irish light the vistas are always changing with time of day and season.